CupsLock is a paper cup production company in USA, providing you with one-stop quality service in design, printing, production and distribution.
CupsLock has accumulated a wealth of industry experience, has a complete quality control system, and introduced advanced production technology to USA.
The CupsLock factory is located in Azusa, California.
It has a closed clean production workshop and a fully automatic full-scale quality inspection production line to ensure high quality products and shorter production lead times.
CupsLock is committed to environmental protection and our paper comes from sustainable plantation wood produced in USA.

  • We use safe, environmentally friendly water-based inks.
  • We are committed to continuously improving ourselves to continue to serve our customers.
  • We provide quality complaint handling and corrective feedback.
  • We use quality and service to win customers' business and trust.

CupsLock committed to environmental protection, provide the vast number of consumers with high quality, cost-effective, fast and convenient services.

As a paper cup business, we DON’T just do cup printing and manufacturing of personalised cups. First and foremost, we deliver on promises that we make to our customers. Promises around price, excellent graphic design assistance, high quality print, production and on-time delivery. Why?

1. We are a company of our word – a company that you can rely upon.
2. We understand the primary drivers of growth within our business are repeat customers, and positive word of mouth.

Our cup printing business lives and dies on the level of service we provide our customers with  and so rather than just give it lip service we strive to create a memorable experience whenever a customer comes in contact with us.